With PROVEN Wealth, you can retire comfortably, save for education, optimally manage your wealth and investment portfolio. As a member of the PROVEN Group of companies, we’re built on the solid reputation of providing investors with safe and consistent returns on their investments.

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If you know where to start, it is possible to cover your annual expenses for 25 years or more after your working years. It’s time to secure the lifestyle you desire for your golden years. The best is yet to come.


Our four-step investment plan process will help you to achieve your lifestyle and purchasing goals as you gain a clear picture of your financial future. But it’s not all dollars and cents. Think: new business acquisition, home renovation or yacht. Whatever your goal, it is all part of the plan.


The number of investment options on the market can be overwhelming and what you choose will depend on your goals, risk profile and appetite, and plans for the future. Our bespoke planning service will guide you through the planning process based on your personal considerations. We focus on long-term opportunities that reduce risk while delivering commendable results.


The funding your family needs to cover the year-on-year costs of university education doesn’t have to come through borrowing. Use the compounded interest from a simple Investment plan to set your child on the right path.


You worked hard for your money and you want your money to work hard for you. Acquire, preserve and grow your wealth with ease by trusting the experts to advise on how to best manage your asset selections to meet your financial goals.


Need help managing your day-to-day financial needs? Look to our affiliated company: PROVEN Bank. This includes all the services you’d expect from a bank. From chequing and savings account facilities to fixed deposits, credit cards, consumer, real estate loans and more. It’s all part of our larger network under the PROVEN Group of companies.



Invest to suit your lifestyle and goals to retire comfortably, save for education, optimally manage your wealth and investment portfolio.


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International Financial Planning (Cayman) Limited is now PROVEN Wealth Limited. The move, approved by CIMA, is a change in legal structure, naming and look.

The rebrand allows the company to have the same look and naming structure as its holding company, the PROVEN Group. This will help strengthen and leverage brand recognition across the Caribbean.

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PROVEN Wealth will continue to offer the same financial solutions its customers have come to rely on, including wealth management, retirement planning, savings and education planning. All advice will remain carefully curated to ensure it is adapted to individual requirements as part of your bespoke experience.

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PROVEN Group Limited (PROVEN) is the Caribbean’s premier “Income & Growth Strategy” Investment Company, built on the solid reputation of providing investors with safe and consistent returns on their investments. The company’s main objective is to provide shareholders with consistent returns, through a diversified portfolio of regional and international investments.

PROVEN’s subsidiaries & associated companies include: Boslil Bank Limited in St. Lucia with a rep office in Panama; PROVEN Wealth Limited; PROVEN Properties Limited; Access Financial Services Limited; JMMB Group Limited; and Roberts Manufacturing Limited.

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The same team members that you’ve come to rely on remain ready to serve you. You can reach us at the same telephone numbers. Our new email addresses follow this domain

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660 West Bay Rd, Cayman Islands
+1 345 769 5353
Visit us at

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PROVEN Wealth will continue to deliver the best-in-class service to our clients. Our focus is to protect, accumulate and manage the wealth of our valued clients through an intimate portfolio management strategy and to provide an investment portfolio of local, regional & international securities that fits the specific financial goals of our clients.